We can supply group work sessions: self esteem, anxiety management, anger management, exam stress among others. This can be purchased for your organisation and delivered at your own site.

Offering intergrative counselling.

Counselling for a wide range of challenges: Addiction, abuse, anger, domestic abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, self esteem, plus other areas. 

Animal assisted therapy

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1:1 counselling

​Change for life counselling

Most people recognise the therapeutic value of animals in helping to soothe stress, build relationships and help with self esteem

At Change for life the goal of AAT is for the improvement of a patient’s social, emotional, and/ or cognitive functioning. Animals can increase motivation and therapeutically increase effectiveness for participants. We use a selection of miniature ponies who display a range of different behaviours that help the participant gain resilience and self esteem, while learning about the ponies, you learn about yourself.

Group work

We put your emotional health and well being first.